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Our Secret Weapon

In the 21st  Century, to provide the level and speed of service that today’s business clients demand, information must be accessible instantly on demand.  To achieve this, GTS has developed a proprietary contact and document management system called “Office Manager”.

GTS uses Office Manager to store all your significant documents on-line in their original electronic application formats, in image format or both and in any number of versions.

Your documents can be:

Hosted on a shared or dedicated server in a state of the art  data centre in Hong Kong or USA. Office Manager integrates with the document management full contact managment featrues and an "Action" module that manages your events, tasks, notes and intra-group messaging.  At the moment, these additional features are only available in the client/server version in our office but they are now in the process of being moved to the Web version.

Both versions use the same database so no transfer of data is required.

For more information about Office Manager go to www.TeamsOffice.com